Medical Injection Molding

High Cavitation Molds and High Volume Projects

C&J is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified medical injection molding company. We are also FDA registered for the manufacture of medical devices and plastic injection molded components. Since 1981, we have been supplying medical devices and assemblies to some of the biggest names in the healthcare industry.

C&J has gained significant competency in high cavitation pharmaceutical plugs and closures. It’s not uncommon for us to build multiple identical 64 cavitation molds to meet the high volume needs of our customers. Standard order numbers can start at 200,000 and by year end be over the 100 million mark.

Our Class 8 Clean Room medical injection molding capacity has increased by 50% with our $6.8 million building expansion. C&J offers a wide range of capacity and press sizes in our 57 press, plastic injection molding facility. Our presses range from 20 tons to 720 tons of clamping force. Our clean rooms are equipped with best-in-class, all-electric Toshiba plastic injection molding presses. Most of our presses are equipped with high-speed, 3-Axis Robots for automated parts handling and inspection.

C&J Industries has some of the most demanding medical and pharmaceutical customers in the industry. Our quality systems, equipment, and personnel have met or exceeded every FDA audit conducted at C&J since 1981. In C&J’s most recent ISO audit, the following comments were made:

“The plant is well organized, well controlled and neat. Employees are both knowledgeable and dedicated. Their responses indicated a first-hand, deep understanding of what they were doing and what was expected of them. No systemic weaknesses were found in any of C&J’s quality systems.”

If you are interested in partnering with C&J for your next medical injection molding project contact us today. C&J also offers a complete range of medical contract manufacturing capabilities. We have developed considerable expertise in secondary services, such as assembly, decorating, mechanical fasteners or special packaging. Depending upon the volume of your project, we are equipped with manual or fully automated assembly equipment. If you want to explore your options with us, please reach out.

C&J Industries: Injection Molding Press Lists

Class 8 Clean Room Molding

Press SizeNo. of MachinesShot Size / ManufacturerDistance Between Tie Bars (W’ x H’)
390 Ton137.46 oz. Toshiba Electric31.9 x 34.3
390 Ton130 oz. Toshiba Hydraulic31.9 x 31.9
390 Ton227.5 oz. - 37.5 oz. Toshiba Electric28.7 x 31.9
250 Ton112.7 oz. Toshiba Electric24 x 22
200 Ton16.5 oz. Toshiba Electric22 x 20.1
180 Ton15.5 oz. Sumitomo Electric22 x 22
180 Ton37.3 oz. - 9.3 oz. Toshiba Electric20.1 x 22
110 Ton43.4 oz - 5.3 oz. Toshiba Electric16.1 x 18.1
65 Ton62.2 oz. - 2.93 oz. Toshiba Electric14.2 x 14.8
55 Ton51.8 oz. - 2.5 oz. Toshiba Electric14.2 x 16.1
45 Ton12 oz. Toshiba Electric12.6 x 12.6
20 Ton1.56 oz. Toshiba Electric11 x 11

General Molding Area

Press SizeNo. of MachinesShot Size / ManufacturerDistance Between Tie Bars (W’ x H’)
720 Ton1102 oz. Toshiba Hydraulic35.5 x 38.5
500 Ton163 oz. Toshiba Hydraulic31.8 x 34.2
500 Ton163 oz. Toshiba Hydraulic34.25 x 34.25

White Room Molding Area

Press SizeNo. of MachinesShot Size / ManufacturerDistance Between Tie Bars (W’ x H’)
390 Ton337.5 oz. Toshiba Electric28.7 x 31.9
310 Ton130 oz. Toshiba Hydraulic24 x 25.2
250 Ton239.1 oz. Sumitomo Electric25.98 x 25.98
250 Ton137.5 oz. Toshiba Electric22 x 24
240 Ton112.7 oz. Toshiba Electric22 x 24
200 Ton215.4 oz. - 15.7 oz. Toshiba Electrical22 x 20
120 Ton16.6 oz. Toshiba Hydraulic16.1 x 16.1
110 Ton35.3 oz. - 6.5 oz. Toshiba Electric16.1 x 18.1
65 Ton12.2 oz. Toshiba Electrica14.2 x 14.8
60 Ton61.8 oz. - 2.3 oz. Toshiba Hydraulic12.2 x 12.2
55 Ton11.2 oz. Toshiba Electric14.2 x 16.1
55 Ton12 oz. Toyo-Rotary Insert12 x 16
50 Ton22.4 oz. Sumitomo Electric14.17 x 14.17
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