A History of High Precision

C&J Industries has been contract manufacturing for the Telecommunications market for over 40 years. C&J actually traces its history as a plastic injection molder to 1974, when Western Electric sent two plastic injection molding presses to C&J for mold trials. Our original two-press facility has grown significantly since then. We now have 57 plastic injection molding presses and over 300 employees.

C&J’s expertise in contract manufacturing for the Telecommunications market is broad and deep. C&J Industries helped design many of the small form factor Adapters and Connectors used today in the fiber optic industry. From LC Attenuators to Ganged Adapters and Fiber Die Applicators, contact C&J with your Telecommunications contract manufacturing needs.

Please review our Technology case studies below.

Network switch with wires

C&J Industries: Technology Device Examples

black and yellow fiber optic attenuators

Fiber Optic Attenuators

When Western Electric introduced new phone jack connectors in the early 1970’s, they came to C&J Industries to produce thin wall polycarbonate phone jacks. Perhaps it’s no surprise that after 40 years of experience in the telecom industry, some of the most dimensionally challenging parts we produce today are telecom connectors. High-precision is one of our core competencies. This is the foundation we bring to all of our plastic injection molding projects.

black and teal fiber optic adapters

Fiber Optic 6-Pack Adapters

In the late 1990s, C&J Industries worked with Lucent Technologies to develop a series of revolutionary telecom connectors that required a new plastic injection molding solution. To achieve the centerline to centerline tolerances, C&J worked with our customer and our resin supplier to come up with a resin that was chemically inert and dimensionally stable. That was the start of C&J’s expertise in molding high temperature Polyether Imide resin. In addition to achieving tight tolerances, we also helped design an entire new sleeve retention feature that made the multi-port adapter a huge success.

Multi color plastic pieces of C&J product

Connectors and Adapters

No matter the project C&J can help you develop the end product that will make your specific project a success.

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