Plastic Injection Molding

High Precision Heritage

Of the thousands of plastic injection molding companies in the United States, what makes C&J Industries a better choice for your plastic project? We are a leading plastic injection molding and contract manufacturing company for familiar OEMs such as Alcon, Siemens, and Segway. C&J considers these companies to be partners, not just customers. Our partners expect a worry-free solution for their plastic injection molding projects. They trust C&J to deliver.

C&J is an ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified medical injection molding company. We have been FDA registered for the manufacture of medical devices and plastic molded components since 1981. Over the past five years, C&J has invested over 12 million dollars purchasing best-in-class, all-electric plastic injection molding presses and automation equipment. C&J now has over 50 plastic injection molding presses that range from 20 tons to 720 tons of clamping pressure. Our Class 8 Clean Rooms are considered “world class” by some of our most demanding customers. Our investments in equipment have resulted in greater efficiency and better control which translates into higher quality product at a more competitive price.

Whether producing medical or non-medical plastic parts and assemblies, C&J’s quality systems always meet or exceed our partners’ expectations. Though quality certifications are necessary, our results are what matter most. We have achieved preferred supplier status with many of our Fortune 500 customers. From micro-surgical components to large tonnage cabinetry parts – C&J has the right experience and equipment for your plastic injection molding project.

close up shot of pointy metal molding machine

C&J Industries: Injection Molding Press Lists

Class 8 Clean Room Molding

Press SizeNo. of MachinesShot Size / ManufacturerDistance Between Tie Bars (W’ x H’)
390 Ton137.46 oz. Toshiba Electric31.9 x 34.3
390 Ton130 oz. Toshiba Hydraulic31.9 x 31.9
390 Ton227.5 oz. - 37.5 oz. Toshiba Electric28.7 x 31.9
250 Ton112.7 oz Toshiba Electric24 x 22
200 Ton16.5 oz. Toshiba Electric22 x 20.1
180 Ton15.5 oz Summitomo Electric22 x 22
180 Ton37.3 oz. - 9.3 oz. Toshiba Electric20.1 x 22
110 Ton43.4 oz - 5.3 oz. Toshiba Electric16.1 x 18.1
65 Ton62.2 oz. - 2.93 oz. Toshiba Electric14.2 x 14.8
55 Ton51.8 oz - 2.5 oz. Toshiba Electric14.2 x 16.1
45 Ton12 oz. Toshiba Electric12.6 x 12.6
20 Ton1.56 oz. Toshiba Electric11 x 11

General Molding Area

Press SizeNo. of MachinesShot Size / ManufacturerDistance Between Tie Bars (W’ x H’)
720 Ton1102 oz. Toshiba Hydraulic35.5 x 38.5
500 Ton163 oz. Toshiba Hydraulic31.8 x 34.2
500 Ton163 oz. Toshiba Hydraulic34.25 x 34.25

White Room Molding Area

Press SizeNo. of MachinesShot Size / ManufacturerDistance Between Tie Bars (W’ x H’)
390 Ton337.5 oz. Toshiba Electric28.7 x 31.9
310 Ton130 oz. Toshiba Hydraulic24 x 25.2
250 Ton239.1 oz. Sumitomo Electric25.98 x 25.98
250 Ton137.5 oz. Toshiba Electric22 x 24
240 Ton112.7 oz Toshiba Electric22 x 24
200 Ton215.4 oz. - 15.7 oz. Toshiba Electric22 x 20
120 Ton16.6 oz. Toshiba Hydraulic16.1 x 16.1
110 Ton35.3 oz. - 6.5 oz. Toshiba Electric16.1 x 18.1
65 Ton12.2 oz. Toshiba Electrica14.2 x 14.8
60 Ton61.8 oz. - 2.3 oz. Toshiba Hydraulic12.2 x 12.2
55 Ton11.2 oz. Toshiba Electric14.2 x 16.1
55 Ton12 oz. Toyo-Rotary Insert12 x 16
50 Ton22.4 oz. Sumitomo Electric14.17 x 14.17
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