Injection Mold Tooling Services

The driving force of C&J’s success has been our Plastic Injection Mold Tool Building capabilities. Great quality and delivery of critical plastic components or complete contract assemblies begin with outstanding injection molds. We don’t just say that we build great tools; we back it up with a unique production tooling warranty. C&J offers a *10-Year Warranty for any SPI 101 production mold built by C&J. If you have a demanding plastic injection mold tooling project and need a company that offers both prototype and production tooling, C&J Industries can help.

Poor quality or high prices are the main reasons customers transfer plastic injection molding tools to another supplier. Over the past five years, customers have transferred over 130 plastic injection molds from North America and Asia to C&J Industries. We are highly experienced in evaluating and refurbishing existing tools. In most cases, we can even provide you with an extended tool warranty on transferred tools.

C&J’s Plastic Injection Mold Tooling services are not limited to production tools. We also provide low volume machining services for a wide variety of applications. Assembly Fixtures, Gauges and Tooling Components (referred to as Small Tooling) are some of the many machining services we offer. Please continue reading for a more in-depth explanation of our tooling services and our tool shop equipment lists.

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In-House Polishing: A multitude of benefits

Having an in-house polishing department gives C&J the ability to keep our molds running at peak performance, our repair times to a minimum, our press hours up, and make customer deliveries on time.

Many businesses choose to outsource their polishing work, which can lower cost, but at C&J we prefer to keep our work in-house for reasons of quality and streamlined processes which can translate to a quicker time to market for our customers.

There are 12 SPI rated finishes, from high gloss Diamond finish to a rough Dry Blast finish, our tooling experts can help determine which surface finishes are best for your project.

Quality Inspection: Fixtures & Gauges

C&J’s precision tooling heritage can be traced back over 50 years to a small garage in Meadville, PA. In 1962, our founders began building precision tooling components, tooling gauges and tooling fixtures. Technology and equipment have changed since then, but we have stayed true to our precision machining roots. C&J offers a wide variety of precision tooling and machining services, including gauges and manufacturing fixtures.

You can expect the same quality and accuracy from C&J regardless if we’re building a 64-cavity production mold or a gauge for in-process inspection. We put the same attention to detail and craftsmanship into everything we manufacture. C&J Industries has a 20 man tool shop with 24-hour manufacturing capability. We can get your precision tooling job done fast, with amazing accuracy. Contact us with your Gauge and Fixture manufacturing needs.

Leak detection fixture

Leak Detection Tooling Fixtures

C&J has an extensive Manufacturing Engineering department that designs and produces a wide variety of test and assembly fixtures. From leak decay testers to heat staking fixtures and vision inspection systems, C&J has the machining and tooling capabilities to meet all your manufacturing needs. If you need a quote for your Tooling Gauge or Tooling Fixture, please send us your quote request through our on-line RFQ page.

silver inspection gage

Inspection Tooling Gauges

Nearly every customer uses some type of in-process inspection gauges to inspect their products. C&J can design and manufacture a wide variety of custom inspection gauges to fit your needs. From simple pin gauges to complicated holding fixtures, C&J’s tool shop can provide quick turn-around and competitive costs. If you need a quote for your Tooling Gauge or Tooling Fixture, please send us your quote request through our on-line RFQ page.

Spare Tooling Services

Quality. Accuracy. Speed. That’s what you can expect when you trust C&J with your precision tooling project. C&J Industries has an in-house 20-man tool shop with all the horsepower and equipment to do a quality job quickly and with amazing accuracy. From one of our high-speed Makino E33 machining centers to our GF AgieCharmilles FO550 SP with a huge work load capacity – our machine centers can hold tolerances to within +/- .0002″. This means shorter lead-times at the start of your project and repeatable results during production.

C&J Industries not only builds high precision injection molds. We also offer a complete line of precision tooling services. From spare tooling details and complicated electrodes to low-volume specialized jigs, fixtures and custom gauges, we truly can be your turnkey tooling resource. One-stop shop takes on a whole new meaning with C&J Industries.

silver 3D contoured cores

3D Contoured Cores

C&J uses DP Esprit software for all our Wire and CNC cutting programming. In combination with PRO Electrode 3D design software, we are able to produce complex 3D cores and cavities for today’s demanding product designs. Our Wire EDM work center has a large work platform that can accommodate up to 1,100 lbs.

silver and black quick change sub

Quick Change Sub Inserts

C&J produces quick-change inserts to minimize downtime and increase productivity. We can grind cores from large diameter bore down to .006″. We regularly machine a wide range of tool steels such as A2, H13, S7 and a variety of stainless steel alloys.

silver mechanical slide details

Mechanical Slide Details

C&J manufactures complicated slide components with hardness up to 58 Rc. With our high-speed milling capability, we can hold tolerances to within .0002″.

C&J Industries: Tool Shop Equipment Lists

Grinding Department

No. of MachinesEquipment Type
1Okamoto ACC 16-24 ExB CNC Wet Grinder
1Harig 6-18 Balway Surface Grinder / 2 Axis DRO
5Harig 6-12 Surface Grinder / 2 Axis DRO
1Deltronic DH216-MPC-5 top Comparator
1Moore Jig Grinder w/Low-High Speed Head Attachments
1Sharp 6-18 Ballway Grinder / 2 Axis DRO
2Mitsui 6×18 Surface Grinder
1Mitsui 8×18 Surface Grinder
1Trutech Centerless Grinder Unit
1St. Mary’s Grinder Fixture
1Thread Grinder
1Wilson Rockwell Tester Rockwell B Scale C Scale

EDM Department

No. of MachinesEquipment Type
1Charmilles CNC Wire EDM Robofil 440CC w/ D.P. Espirit
1AgieCharmilles CNC FO 550 SP Auto Tool Changer
1Charmilles CNC Roboform 30 Auto Tool Changer
1Hansvedt Manual Ram EDM w/Orbiter (MS-1)
1Eltee Pulsitron Manual EDM w/Orbiter (EP-20)
1Eltee Pulsitron Manual EDM (EP-20)
4Harig 6-12 Surface Grinders 2 Axis DRO
2Optical Comparators (Covel) (Scheer/Tumico) All 2/62-1/2 Power Lens
1Microsope (Sterostar) 4 Power Lenses
1Toolmakers Microscope (Mitutoyo) 6 Power
1Solid Works Design Software
1Pro-E CREO 3D Design Software
1Pro-# Smart Electrode-3 Design Software
1Drillmate 50d Hole Popper
1Westhoff Drilling Machine
1Deltronic DH216-MPC-5 table top comparator
1Vision Engineering Hawk Measuring System 3 Axis Microprocessor 8" x 6" stage -5x Power Lens Max. Scale Accuracy .00002" - Stage Accuracy .00012"

Mill Department

No. of MachinesEquipment Type
1Makino S56 CNC Machining Center
1Makino E33 Graphite CNC Machining Center
1Mazak VTC 300 CNC Machining Center w/ 2 Gig Harddrive (3500 Lb. Capacity)/ethernet connection to 3D workstation
1Mazak VCU 500C
2TRAK AGES3 CNC Bedmill w/ 3D Control / RS-232 connection to 3D station
1TRAK TRL 1840SX CNC Lathe 18" swing 40" between centers
1Morisieki MS 1250 Engine Lathe w/ DRO and Chuck Attachments
1Bridgeport Series 1 w/ DRO and Power Feeds
1Bridgeport Horizontal Attachment
1Volostro Rotary Milling Head
1Arboga ER-830 Radioa Drill Press
1Deckel Cutting Grinder
1SPG Drill Grinder
1Roll-In Band Saw
1WF Wells Band Saw 16"×20" Capacity
1Delta Carbide Tool Grinder
2D.P Espirit Software

Mold Bench

No. of MachinesEquipment Type
14Fully Equipped Service Stations for Tool Repair and Assembly
3Harig 6-12 Surface Grinders / 2 Axis DRO
1Harig 6-18 Ballway Grinder / 2 Axis DRO
1ALPHALASER ALV100 Laser Welder
1Blue Wave Ultrasonic Cleaning System
1Nikon MM-400 QuadraChek
1Sunnen MBB1660 Hone
1In-House Polishing
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