Expertise in Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

C&J Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified medical contract manufacturing company. We are also FDA registered for the manufacture of medical devices and plastic injection molded components. We’ve been working with some of the biggest names in the healthcare industry since 1981.

We provide our customers with a complete suite of capabilities. Our team of industry experts are experienced in fully Automatic Assembly, Automated Parts Handling Systems, Pad Printing, CNC Sonic Welding, Heat Staking, Laser-Etching, and Semi-Automatic Assembly. We have developed multiple Final Packaging options that include Bag Sealing, Auto-bagging, Tray Sealing, and Custom Packaging.

As regulatory requirements have increased over the past 5 years, C&J has stayed ahead of the curve on packaging, product, and sterilization validation requirements. We are very familiar with many leading medical OEM validation protocols (IQ, OQ & PQ). We also help companies develop their own process validation and DOE protocols.

At the heart of our contract manufacturing services is knowledge and reliability. C&J has a broad base of medical device manufacturing experience that our customers have come to trust. That is why major OEM’s use C&J to private label their medical devices. That’s a responsibility C&J takes seriously and confidently.

If you are in need of medical device contract manufacturing services, please Contact Us to set up an NDA. Let us show you why so many leading medical device OEMs trust C&J Industries with their contract manufacturing projects.

Woman wearing clean room gear while working and inspecting a medical object

C&J Industries: Contract Manufacturing Equipment Lists


No. of MachinesEquipment Type
1PVT24 Vacuum Sealer
1Aline Vacuum Sealer
1Uline Impulse Sealer
1Heat/Vacuum Sealer


No. of MachinesEquipment Type
1Pad Printer Hermetic 61
1Pad Printer Sealcup 60
1Pad Printer Combi 130
1Pad Printer Teca-Print TPU251
1Sealcup 90mm
1Pad PRinter Teca-Print TPE251
1Pad Printer Automated (Autosuture)
1Sealcup 60mm
1UV Flatbed In Jet Printer
7Hastings Hot Stamper
2Transtech Heat Tunnel

Sonic Welding and Heat Staking

No. of MachinesShot Size / Manufacturer
1Dukane 410 40khz
2Branson 910 IW+
1CNC Welder
1Branson 920 IW+
1Dukane 210 1700w
2Branson 2000 IW+
1Dukane 40khz
1Dukane 210 1700w
1Rinco Dyn 3000 2000w
2Rinco Dyn 3000 3000w
1Rinco Std 3000 3000w
1Heatstaker Manual
2Heatstaker Semi-Auto

Mechanical and Solvent Bonding

No. of MachinesShot Size / Manufacturer
7Torque Driver .88-10.4 in/lb Torque Range
1Torque Driver 2.57-13.9 in/lb Torque Range
1Loctite Adhesive Applicator and UV Cure

Auxiliary Equipment

No. of MachinesShot Size / Manufacturer
2CNC Router / Milling Larken CNC 22" x 24" work surfance
11De-Ionizing Air Snakes
2Bridgeport Mill 2J
1Drill Press
1Dynascope 5D Inspection Scope
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