Endless Possibilities at C&J

Customers in the consumer market have a unique problem. There are very few limiting factors. If you can imagine it, it can be made. However, that doesn’t mean your design is mold-ready. C&J’s Engineering Staff consists of 27 Engineers in varying disciplines starting with our New Business Development Engineer who will determine if your pre-existing design is mold-able. If not, your project doesn’t end there. Our Engineering Team can work with you on the design and get you to a viable model. We don’t discourage anyone from reaching out to our team and starting a conversation. Have a project in the works? Reach our to out experienced Sales Team.

We’re excited to be adding to our repertoire of services! C&J now offers two-shot mold capabilities on a Nissei Two Shot Machine. Two shot, or dual-shot molding is a plastic molding process in which two different plastic resins are molded together in a single machine to produce one part. This allows color variety and use of soft and hard plastics together. Two-shot molding capabilities bring a lot of value to a consumer products business because it offers a wide scope of enhancements, such as beauty, user-friendly handling, and function. Examples of products that can be made from this process are: plastic pens with plastic grips made from different resins, modern buttons and power switches for devices like keyboards and user-friendly technology, any product that needs a two-tone color for regulations and functionality, and the list goes on.

To learn more about how we serve the consumer products market, please review the part examples below.

Big green machine

C&J Industries Consumer Possibilities

Red cap coming out of machine

Plastic Caps and Closures

C&J Industries has been making screw caps and liquid dispensing nozzles for decades. If you’re in the Consumer Products Industry with a plastic caps or closures product, send us your design and we’ll take a look. If your project needs special assemblies or packaging, you’ll find our contract manufacturing capabilities will meet your every need and keep costs down with our one-stop shop process.

Close up on plastic molded pieces moving along a machine

Plastic Containers and Dispensing Lids

Wipe dispenser lids come on all kinds of Consumer products these days, whether it’s cleaning supplies, make-up remover, hygiene products, etc. Have a dispenser design? Send it our way. If you need more than just a molded plastic component, we also provide secondary services, such as Decorative Printing and Automation Assembly contract manufacturing services.

Person wearing clean room gear while working on machine

Precision & Assembly

One of the great things about working with a full service in-house contract manufacturer is our ability to create custom assembly systems to accommodate almost any need. Share your limitations and we can open up doors. We have modular capabilities that allow for semi-automated assemblies to transition into full-automated assemblies if that is what best fits your project. Let’s have a conversation and let’s get precise.

Picture of boxes stacked up on each other with the C&J logo

It’s in the Details

Whether it’s an intricate custom mold or a complex manufacturing process. Our Team has got every detail covered. Two million units of consumer “trinket-decor” with a colorful print job in packs of ten, heat sealed in plastic packaging and boxed for consumer sale at your preferred POS? With Our Process — Absolutely.  If your project requires innovation and experience, you can trust C&J as your preferred supplier.

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