Two-Shot Molding

Two Shot Molding Process

Two-shot molding is a process that we have recently taken on to add to our capabilities. With 59 presses, we have added a 220-ton Nissei two-shot press into the mix to not only expand our capabilities, but to accommodate existing customers as well. Two-shot molding is a process where two resins are molded together in just one cycle! It has many benefits such as, but not limited to, the cost-efficiency, allowing multiple components to be molded with a single tool, having fewer processes involved, and having the option to make parts that are multi-colored or with 2 different types of materials.
Although the two-shot press is new to C&J… the process is not. We have a team of Process Engineers who are educated in scientific injection molding. In addition to the education that our engineers already have, they have conducted hours of training on this specific process. To practice, we have created a two-shot C&J coaster! Are you interested in a chance to receive one of our coasters? Fill out the form below.

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