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C&J Industries has a long history of providing precision injection molding solutions to the both Industrial and Transportation markets. Perhaps no other markets have presented more of a challenge or more of an opportunity when designing plastic parts. With the advancement in thermoplastic resin materials, more metal components utilized in the Industrial and Transportation markets are being converted to plastic parts. Weight reductions, cost savings, and improved lead-times are added benefits when switching from metal to plastic parts.

Customers in the Industrial market often face demanding applications for their products. Whether they have extreme operating temperatures, harsh chemicals, or high impact applications, Industrial customers need a molder who is an expert in processing engineered thermoplastics. They also need a supplier that can provide product design assistance for these challenging plastic injection molding parts.

C&J also has the secondary operation capabilities often needed for Industrial molded components and assemblies. Sonic welding and heat staking metal inserts, sonic welding plastic housings and pad printing are some of the many secondary services needed in today’s Industrial products. If you have a project that needs engineering assistance, please fill out our Request for Quote form and let us see how we can help you.

Please review the examples listed below to learn more about how C&J has been meeting the plastic injection molding needs of Industrial customers.

Black tire transportation wheels

C&J Industries: Industrial Device Examples

Mic boom headset

Mic Boom Headset Assembly

C&J Industries has been manufacturing headset assemblies for several years. Despite foreign competition, C&J remains competitive through the use of automation and work cell assembly flow improvements. Don’t let these highly cosmetic parts fool you – they must withstand some of the harshest work environments. The choice of the right thermoplastic resin and the design of the assembly features reduced cost while providing for an extremely robust finished product.

black permasert coupling

Permasert Coupling

The Permasert by Elster Perfection revolutionized natural gas distribution as the first polyethylene mechanical coupling. Permasert couplings have been accepted as an industry standard and helped natural gas utilities throughout the world simplify service line installations and save money. Its one-piece construction and design ensure consistent, gas-tight connections in all weather conditions. Permasert couplings are non-corrosive and molded at C&J Industries from industry leading Bimodal high density polyethylene (HDPE) which provides significant performance advantages versus other polyethylene resins.

Black Industrial fan blade

Industrial Fan Blade

Our customer needed a cost reduction for their metal industrial fan blade application. The product environment was intense with: constant operating speed of over 300 mph. Could plastic replace a metal fan blade? After an extensive analysis, a handful of thermoplastic resins were identified and tested. C&J conducted an exhaustive process Design of Experiment (D.O.E.) wich concluded with a successful metal to plastic conversion. The result was a major cost reduction for our customer. C&J can help you make a seemingly impossible project a reality.

Black battery housing

Battery Housing

When our customer needed a solution for a large, high-impact industrial battery case, they came to C&J Industries for help. The impact and dielectric properties of the material needed to pass the UL® flammability requirements. Through an extensive Design of Experiment (DOE), we worked with our material supplier and our customer to come up with the right solution for their application. By having impact testing capabilities in-house, we are able to shorten the test cycle for the various resins.

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