Plastic Product Design & Development Services

Speed, Technology, Experience

C&J’s approach to product design and development matches our core value as stated in our mission statement. That core value is trust. There is never a debate about intellectual property (IP) ownership – it’s owned by you, our customer.

C&J Industries has been providing plastic Part Design and Product Development services for nearly 20 years. The key to successful Plastic Product Design and Development is speed and experience. C&J has 18 engineers on staff that utilize the latest software including Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire,  PTC Creo and SolidWorks used for both product and tool design. Our full suite of SIGMASOFT (mold flow simulation) software provides a predictive tool for mold design analysis. C&J also has in-house Rapid Prototyping capabilities to reduce the product revision development cycle.

Speed to market is critical for the success of your plastic injection molding project. To decrease program lead-times, C&J has created cross-functional engineering teams that have specialists in tool design, plastic injection mold processing and program management. Instead of working on your project in a sequential manner, each team member begins with their area of expertise when the project is launched. This results in early problem detection, better informed customers and reduced part design revisions.

When you combine highly skilled engineers with the proper Product Design and Development tools, you will get great results. That’s exactly what to expect when you work with C&J Industries. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are comments from Segway, one of our long-time customers:

“C&J Industries was chosen based on their ability to provide critical engineering support throughout the program development process. Additional selection criteria included processing expertise, responsiveness and the ability to provide capacity for the scope of the project.”

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