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10-Year Injection Mold Warranty

For over fifty years, the main driving force of C&J’s success has been our Plastic Injection Mold Tool Building capabilities. Great quality and delivery of critical plastic components or complete contract assemblies begin with outstanding injection molds. We don’t just say that we build great tools; we back it up with a unique production tooling warranty. C&J offers a 10-Year warranty for any production tool built by C&J. If you have a demanding plastic injection mold tooling project and need a company that offers both prototype and production tooling, C&J Industries can help.

Poor quality or high prices are the main reasons customers transfer plastic injection molding tools to another supplier. Over the past five years, customers have transferred over 130 plastic injection molds from North American and Asia to C&J Industries. We are highly experienced in evaluating and refurbishing existing tools. In most cases, we can even provide you with an extended tool warranty on transferred tools.

C&J’s Plastic Injection Mold Tooling services are not limited to production tools. We also provide low volume machining services for a wide variety of applications. Assembly Fixtures, Gauges and Tooling Components (referred to as Small Tooling) are some of the many machining services offered by C&J.

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To learn more about other Tooling Services we offer, check out our Spare Tooling Page and Gauges & Fixtures Page.

If you have a demanding application that needs our Plastic Injection Mold Tooling Services, fill out the form below or send us your request through our on-line RFQ page.

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