Plastic Injection Tool Re-Shoring

Guide to Tool Re-shoring

Re-shoring plastic injection molding tools has become a popular topic in the news lately.  Several large corporations are making a push to re-shore manufacturing projects to the United States from overseas and Mexico.  This relatively new movement to tool re-shoring is based on the same dynamic that caused the outsourcing of business over the past 20 years:  Profits.

There are several factors that have convinced companies to re-shore their plastic injection molding tools. In the past 5 years in particular, U.S.-based manufacturers have invested heavily in technology and automation.  This investment has resulted in improved manufacturing efficiency and lower cost.  A shorter supply chain with quicker response time is another benefit of re-shoring. With rising overseas labor rates, the value proposition to manufacture in the United States is making more sense to some companies.

C&J Industries has been in the tooling and plastic injection molding business for over 50 years. In the past four years alone, we have seen 135 plastic injection molds transferred to our facility from overseas and North America. With all the experience gained by requalifying and running these transferred tools, we would like to share the knowledge of our re-shoring process with other manufacturers.

For expanded coverage of this topic, C&J has created a 5-part Tool Re-Shoring video series and a Tool Re-shoring Guide white paper that explains how to have a more successful tool re-shoring experience.

5-Part Tool Re-Shoring Video SeriesTool Re-shoring Guide white paper

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