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Contract Manufacturing for the Pharmaceutical market is perhaps the most demanding market segment that C&J Industries services. When high tolerance meets high volume and tight regulatory control, there is no room for mistakes. C&J has highly experienced project engineers that can help guide you through both product and sterilization validations required by various regulatory agencies. C&J has been an FDA registered medical device manufacturer since 1981, giving us a wealth of experience and knowledge. We are also an ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 registered firm.

C&J has a long history of providing contract manufacturing services for the Pharmaceutical market. From complete pharmaceutical devices to plugs and closures, C&J has both the experience and capacity to handle your most demanding project. To learn more about C&J’s Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing capabilities, please review the case studies below or contact us.

Metered Dosing Drug Delivery DeviceMetered Dosing Drug Delivery Device

Metered Dosing Drug Delivery Device

Our Pharmaceutical customer needed a drug delivery solution to aid in patient compliance. C&J Industries, in partnership with our customer, designed a total turnkey drug delivery device that served as both a dosing reminder to the patient, as well as a data tracking solution for the physician. The device simultaneously captures data electronically so that the prescribing physician can retrieve it during regular office visits.

EZ Link Vial AdapterEZ Link Vial Adapter

EZ Link Vial Adapter

C&J is the exclusive manufacturer of Duoject’s EZ Link vial adapter. This pharmaceutical device is a safer, faster way for patients and healthcare professionals to reconstitute lyophilized or powder drugs to prepare them for injection. EZ Link offers key safety features which include a safety disc that prevents needle stick injuries, while also ensuring that the transfer fluid path cannot be touched prior to use. EZ Link locks when removed from the drug vial to prevent the possibility of a non-sterile device being reused to reconstitute another drug product.

Micro Dosing SyringeMicro Dosing Syringe

Micro Dosing Syringe

A large ophthalmic surgical device manufacturer came to C&J Industries to design and manufacture a micro dosing syringe. The challenge to this syringe design was to retrofit the device to accommodate existing physician interfaces, while creating a much smaller plunger diameter. The result was a thick walled syringe which was prone to voids. Through the use of Mold Flow Analysis, we developed a gating solution that addressed this molding challenge. We were able to offer our complete medical device contract manufacturing capabilities to our customer with Pad Printing and final package services.


.006″ Eye Dropper Tip

If it’s difficult, out of the ordinary or nearly impossible, it seems to end up in our plastic injection molding presses. At the heart of all these challenging parts is a very simple philosophy: You have to start with great tools. For over 50 years, we’ve been making high-precision plastic injection molds. In that time we have perfected micro-fluidic eye dropper tips in high cavitation that can hold +/- .001″ over the entire mold. This is even more remarkable considering the through hole diameter is only .006″.


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