Consumer Products Market

World Class Manufacturing Capabilities

Every market segment is cost-sensitive, but C&J’s greatest cost challenge is with the Consumer Products and Business Machines markets. High cosmetic requirements and aggressive cost targets create unique challenges for plastic injection molders. Despite the challenges, some of C&J’s biggest success stories have come from the Consumer Products and Business Machines markets. Through innovation and technology, we have captured several projects back from Chinese manufacturers. Over 10% of our plastic injection molding business is transferred from overseas back to the United States. By offering higher cavitation and automation, C&J provides a low-cost plastic injection molding solution for your project. We also provide lower defect rates and lower transportation costs as added benefits.

Our innovation starts at the beginning of your project with the product design and development services. C&J has a talented staff of product design engineers that work with our customers to create cost-saving plastic injection molding part designs. You never have to worry about intellectual property (IP) with C&J Industries. Even when C&J creates a patented product design concept – that design becomes the property of our customer.

Our innovation doesn’t stop with the product design. We have six in-house manufacturing engineers whose sole task is to create time-saving, cost-reducing manufacturing methods. Our results are true low-cost solutions for your Consumer Products or Business Machine plastic projects.

If you have a Consumer Products or Business Machine project that you would like C&J to review, please submit an RFQ form or contact us for more information about our plastic injection molding and contract manufacturing capabilities.