Injection Molding Markets

Serving Diverse Industries in a Global Marketplace

A major strength of C&J Industries is the diversity of our customers and the wide variety of plastic injection molding industries we serve. While some companies rely heavily on one particular industry segment, C&J decided long ago to focus on six key plastic injection molding industries: Medical DevicePharmaceutical, TelecommunicationsIndustrialConsumer Products and Business Machines. This diversity has resulted in a broad expertise ranging from high-volume Pharmaceutical closures to high precision Telecommunications connectors. Our Quality certifications match the needs of the markets we serve. C&J Industries is an FDA registered Medical Device Manufacturer. We are also ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Listed below is a brief description of each of our plastic injection molding markets.

Medical Device Market

Customers in the medical device market face the on-going challenge of regulatory concerns, time-to-market and intellectual property (IP) protection. Perhaps this is why so many large medical device companies have decided to work with C&J Industries. Trust is at the center of C&J’s core business philosophy… see more.

Pharmaceutical Market

Contract Manufacturing for the Pharmaceutical market is perhaps the most demanding market segment that C&J Industries services. When high tolerance meets high volume and tight regulatory control, there is no room for mistakes. Learn more about our Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing capabilities, by reading our case studies.

Telecommunications Market

C&J Industries has been contract manufacturing for the Telecommunications market for over 40 years. C&J’s high precision capabilities were established to meet the demand of the Telecommunications market. C&J Industries helped design many of the small form factor Adapters and Connectors used today in the fiber optic industry. Check out our contract manufacturing and plastic injection molding case studies.

Industrial/Transportation Markets

C&J Industries has a long history of providing precision injection molding solutions to the both Industrial and Transportation markets. Perhaps no other markets have presented more of a challenge or more of an opportunity when designing plastic parts. To see examples of our success stories, review our case studies.

If you think that C&J Industries would be a good partner for your plastic injection molding or contract manufacturing project, contact us.