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C&J Industries Adds Injection Molding Capacity and 3D Additive Manufacturing Technology

June 9, 2016

C&J Aerial Photo

C&J Industries announced the purchase of three, all-electric Sumitomo presses to provide increased capacity in the small and medium tonnage range. The company purchased two, 250-Ton presses with 22 oz. barrels, along with one, 50-Ton press with a 1.3 oz. barrel.

“C&J is strategically partnering with our customers to provide greater capacity to meet their growing demand,” stated Dennis Frampton, C&J’s President and CEO. He added, “With the purchase of these additional presses, C&J will have 55 presses ranging from 20 tons to 720 tons of clamping pressure.  This bandwidth of manufacturing capacity positions us well for continued growth.”


Stratasys Fortus 380mc

C&J also announced the purchase of a Stratasys performance series Fortus 380mc, 3D additive manufacturing machine. C&J Industries expects the new addition will bolster its product design and development services. C&J’s Engineering Manager, Mike Yurkewicz noted, “The Stratasys production machine gives C&J leading-edge technology to reduce our customers’ time to market.”  He added, “When combined with an in-house tool shop, we now have the capacity and horsepower to rapidly develop prototype concepts into commercial reality.”

The company has averaged double-digit growth across all market segments since 2008. C&J believes these recent additions to the company’s manufacturing portfolio will ensure continued growth over the next two to three years.