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C&J Kicks Off Its 50th Year in Manufacturing

Thursday, January 19, 2012

businessmagcover01-2012C&J marks its 50th year in business in 2012 and has started its year-long celebration with an article in the January 2012 issue of the Manufacturer & Business Association Business Magazine.

In the article, Dennis Frampton, C&J Industries’ President was asked to recall any specific milestone or event that shaped the company to what it is today. Dennis responded, “The one that truly stands an instance when a customer that we highly valued.had a change of business philosophy. The customer brought in a new management team and conducted a bench marking exercise for both existing suppliers and potential suppliers. Through that process, the customer identified some ‘gaps’ that ultimately resulted in C&J not being chosen for their next major project.”

Dennis went on to explain, “Instead of taking the setback personally, C&J took it professionally. We investigated where we had shortcomings and launched an intensive five-year reinvention of C&J.”

That “reinvention” resulted in a $10 million investment in the company to upgrade technology and capabilities in every department at C&J Industries. This culminated with the recent completion of a $6.8 million expansion and renovation of the company.

When asked about the guiding principle of C&J Industries, Dennis Frampton explained, “Trust is the cornerstone of every business relationship that we have. Without trust, there is no investment or growth.”

Developing the trust theme even further, as part of its year-long celebration, C&J designed a banner that contains an archival photograph of its founders with the phrase, “In 50 Years, State-of-the-Art has changed, Building Trust and Teamwork Have Not.”