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C&J Industries Adds New Manufacturing and Warehouse Space

October 25, 2016

C&J Industries announced the purchase of a 52,000 sq. ft. building and associated property located in Meadville, PA. The building is adjacent to C&J Industries and sits on 10 acres of land.  This purchase will address the companies’ long-term growth needs for manufacturing and warehouse space resulting from multiple years of double digit growth.  Since 2007 the company has more than doubled in sales revenue.

Rob Marut- President & CEO

“In 2011, C&J added 28,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and a Q.A. lab”, stated Rob Marut, C&J’s President and CEO. “With this new building, C&J can reconfigure our existing plant to optimize production flow”, he added.

Marut continued, “C&J was essentially land locked, so the purchase of the building and property is key to C&J’s future success. We now have 26 acres which gives us ample space for manufacturing, warehouse and parking.”

Jerry Sargent-Vice President

Jerry Sargent, C&J Industries’ Vice President added, “The purchase of the new building will increase our footprint from 162,000 sq. ft. to 214,000 sq. ft. We have several automated assembly projects coming online, so this added space is vital for our continued growth”.
Sargent added, “We now have the option to configure our manufacturing space to align with our market segments.”

Terms of the purchase were not disclosed.