Medical Device Market

Trust, Integrity, Results

Customers in the medical device market face the on-going challenge of regulatory concerns, time-to-market and intellectual property (IP) protection. Perhaps this is why so many large medical device companies have decided to work with C&J Industries. Trust is at the center of C&J’s core business philosophy. This isn’t just an empty promise; it’s part of our company’s DNA. Trust isn’t just a word in our Mission Statement; we’ve used it to build our 50 year success story. If you need to work with a medical device manufacturer that has both market experience and integrity, C&J is the right company for you.

You can rely on C&J for more than solid business ethics. We have the quality systems and capabilities to produce the most complicated medical devices. C&J Industries is an FDA registered medical device manufacturer. We are also ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified. C&J is well versed in product validation (IQ, OQ & PQ) as well as product testing and DOE’s. To learn more about how we serve the medical device market, review some of the case studies below or contact us.

Medical Device PackagingMedical Device Packaging

Medical Device Packaging

As customers demand for complete medical device products has grown, C&J Industries has kept pace by improving our contract manufacturing capabilities. Whether using Tyvek® heat-sealed pouches for small medical components, or a complex vacuum formed tray for medical device kits, C&J has multiple solutions for your medical device packaging. C&J offers medical packaging for products in Class VII or Class VIII clean room environments.

Syringes and SPE TubesSyringes and SPE Tubes

Syringes and SPE Tubes

When multiple customers come to you for similar parts, you must be doing something right. That is the case with specialty Syringes and Tubes. C&J Industries has gained considerable expertise molding both translucent and clear Tubes and Syringes. We’ve recently expanded our medical plastic injection molding capabilities. We have 24 presses in our Class VIII (100,000) count Clean Rooms. If you need more than just a molded Tube or Syringe, we also provide secondary Pad Printing and Automation Assembly contract manufacturing services.

Bone Graft FilterBone Graft Filter

Bone Graft Filter

A medical device manufacturer came to C&J Industries to manufacture a reamer and aspirator used in a medical procedure to repair complicated compound fractures of the femur. Our customer also had C&J Industries manufacture a Bone Graft Filter that separates unwanted materials which allows the reintroduction of the bone graft to aid healing. C&J manufactures the entire device, including an over-molded filter mesh which is pressure tested and final packed for sterilization.

In-vitro Fertilization Pipette HolderIn-vitro Fertilization Pipette Holder

In-vitro Fertilization Pipette Holder

Our customer had a tight timeline to devise a new holder for their .040″ diameter glass pipette. The challenge was to develop an plastic injection molded holder with a single piece design which could withstand a 3′ drop test and the removal force could not exceed ½ lb. To meet both criteria, C&J developed a series of finger retention features that cradle the pipette. A living hinge was added to the case design to allow single-hand use by the clinician. In the fully open position, the case also serves as a working platform. If your project requires innovation and experience, you can trust C&J as your preferred medical device supplier.


To learn more about how C&J serves the Medical Device Market, please contact us.